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And why I’m here

Sometimes is a place to just admit something, or share something, or to try to work through something. It might be a place to ¬†just feel like someone else gets it — that this whole parenting thing is hard. Or maybe it’s a place for you to feel better about your decisions/choices/mistakes – a la “boy, she sucks WAY more than I do!” ¬†– because I mess up a lot, but sometimes I get it right. Or maybe not quite right, but not super wrong.

A boss told me years ago that when things aren’t going great, you have to keep swinging (baseball reference; nothing dirty), even if you just want to pack up your toys and go home. Some days I want to just hang it up, in spite of my adorable family. But of course, I don’t. I keep swinging, and laughing makes it easier.



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