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I still love Thanksgiving

Posted by on November 29, 2010 at 4:02 pm

My kids were sad yesterday morning at the early morning departure of our holiday guests (two grown-ups and three kids):  yes, all were staying in our apartment with us! No, we don’t have that much room and yes, I had to buy pillows and blankets because who in NYC has space and supplies for five extra? Anyway, they left early so we had a whole day to re-acclimate to normal life and we all have a little bit of day-after-Christmas syndrome. We’re finished “counting the wake-ups” until the cousins’ arrival, I’m done planning activities and food and worrying that there won’t be enough space.  Ultimately, as far as we are concerned, the weekend was a success: we all wish the visit had been longer. And some day maybe we will have a bigger apartment! (Not likely, however.)

The dads took the kids to see the balloon blow-up on Wednesday night for the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade and the kids loved it. It looked like a mosh pit so I’m glad I could dispatch a spouse to bring the kids;  I didn’t have it in me to crutch through the throngs of people. On two good feet, I would have been game – next time. (Note I didn’t say next year.)

We got up at the crack Thanksgiving morning to get a good spot to watch the parade on Central Park West and again, the kids loved it.  While I don’t need to make it an annual event for our family, I felt satisfied hearing 5-year old Jake say, “Look!” with true excitement at each arriving balloon or float. And little Jenn is still talking about the Hello Kitty balloon, five days later.

Logistics here were important:  three of us went to secure a good spot at 6am and the remaining adult brought the kids along at about 8, for the 9am start. If the kids had come much later, they most likely wouldn’t have been able to make it onto Central Park West as the cross streets were jammed with people who wouldn’t let others through. If the kids had arrived much before 8, they would have been too cold and bored and would have probably needed a bathroom before the parade’s end.  We had a rare moment of perfect parental timing that morning and we were home in enough time to watch the last 30 minutes of the parade on tv. Next time we’ll remember to record it.

The rest of the Thanksgiving holiday included lots of snowflake-making by the under-8 set, the Detroit Lions losing another football game and burgers and fries ordered from the diner  – (although my husband ordered the turkey dinner) – a perfect NYC Thanksgiving.  I’m worried, somehow, that these children of mine are wearing down – first the Thanksgiving Day parade and what next? A Disney visit? I may keep these crutches of mine around for a while…

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