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Just like in the movie

Posted by on May 17, 2011 at 4:12 pm

Today on the bus I was chatting with Jenn about my day:  I was headed to meet my friend, also named Jenn. The Jenns had met a couple of times and I was keen to have my daughter Jenn remember my friend Jenn.

Me:  Remember last summer when that lady with the same name as you came to the apartment with her three daughters?

Jenn:  No.

Me:  (Trying again)  Remember when that family met us at our cottage and you and Daddy  took the three little girls tubing?

Jenn:  (No reply, but starting to exhibit some recollection. Or maybe she was imagining the chocolate croissant I had just told her we could buy.)

Me:  Remember the littlest girl who was almost your age and you and your brother wanted her to stay to play? Her name was Charlotte?

Jenn:  Charlotte.

Me:  (Relieved this exercise was almost over, and confident she is about to remember my dear friend. ) Yes!

Jenn:  Like in the movie.

At which point I was no longer dying for Jenn to remember my friend, I had moved on to horror that my daughter thought Charlotte’s Web was a movie and not a book.  I really just wanted to kick the Easter Bunny for bringing the DVD of Charlotte’s Web instead of the book. Stupid bunny. Even if it’s a good one, my kids can’t become literary geniuses watching the movies.



Note:  Incidentally — my kids LOVED watching Charlotte’s Web. I was all ready for a pair of sobbing disasters, but they were fine. In fact, when I asked them if it had been a little sad, they agreed but pointed out that Charlotte had died but she first laid 514 eggs. Pretty impressive big-picture view, I thought. I was the only sobbing disaster to be found.


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  • On May 28, 2011 at 10:05 am Jen {at} take2mommy said

    A typical mom-kid conversation! I’m with you on Charlotte’s Web. When I read the book as a child it really affected me. The fact that they wanted to kill Wilbur and that Charlotte dies really freaked me out. But when my kids saw the movie, they were totally fine with it!


    • On June 9, 2011 at 3:12 pm said

      I wonder if maybe my kids didn’t fully grasp the Wilbur-to-the-butcher concept, though they know that bacon comes from pigs…? Who knows.
      Nothing I remember ever reading as a kid is as sad as Where the Red Fern Grows; I think I’ll wait a few years(or ten!) to read that one to them!


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