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Husband recovers: Mother’s Day do-over a success

Posted by on May 16, 2011 at 7:17 pm

So my husband failed Mother’s Day this year.  He neither planned anything nor stepped up to make any impromptu grand gestures. The kids made cards under the direction of the babysitter and she helped them buy my gifts:  a rose with a teddy bear magnet on it saying “I love you” and a small white ceramic heart thingie that now sits near the sink in my bathroom.  Perfect. Only orchestrated not by my husband.

His fumble was puzzling, as I had been mentioning the “holiday” for weeks. And I had even offered it up as chance for him to have a return to glory  following his UTTER failure of my birthday, one week prior. (Lest you judge me as harsh:  it was like 16 Candles with no Jake at the end. He didn’t remember it was my birthday until noon, which meant I left him sleeping as I walked the dog at 6, got the kids ready for school, etc. I think he clued in when he noticed that the babysitter had brought me flowers, gifts from the kids, cards and a cake – perfect again, though again, orchestrated not by my husband.)

After the birthday debacle, I blamed myself. I simply needed to implement some remedial training, showing him how one should celebrate a birthday properly. Rather, showing how I believe one should celebrate a birthday properly.  So I offered a re-do, in the shape of Mother’s Day. Obviously I was not clear enough, as that holiday also did not go well. (I’ll point out that I’m pregnant, so a little nuttier than usual.)

Mother’s Day evening, I was spent from watching my husband nap on the couch (truly) while I scraped together bowls of cereal for the kids’ dinner, so we watched a DVR-ed episode of Modern Family — the Mother’s Day episode. After the show, I pointed out all the instances of proper celebration:  coffee and breakfast in bed, cards made by the kids, a special meal not created by the mother, etc.

Well, apparently that primer was just what he needed as this past Saturday morning, while I read in bed (!!), he and the kids wrapped up a bunch of gifts, –  an apple, last week’s rose w/ teddy bear stuck to it, white ceramic heart thingie and a beautiful new ipad (the actual item, not a piece of paper saying “Good for one ipad” — this husband stood in line at the Apple Store!)  – and they all helped me open them in bed. Then we went on a Mother’s Day, Take 2,  hike, got Mother’s Day, Take 2, ice cream and tackled the grocery store and dinner together.

Of course, all I really wanted to do is stay home and figure out and play with my new ipad, but the day was perfect, regardless. I imagine I should start planning Father’s Day.  Though the pressure is low, as I figure I have a few tries to get it right.

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  • On May 16, 2011 at 9:24 pm Jen {at} take2mommy said

    An iPad?! Lucky you! Your Mother’s Day Do-Over was definitely a success. As for your other two less successful holiday un-celebrations, I’m sorry they were on the lame side! Mine would be too, but I have learned. I leave written instructions for my husband detailing what I want/what to do for Mother’s Day and my birthday. Every year. And I think he actually appreciates the assistance!


    • On May 16, 2011 at 9:43 pm jill said

      I know, aren’t I lucky? Written instructions are a great idea — way less room for error! Note to self…


  • On May 17, 2011 at 8:36 am pigtails4ever said

    Wow! Is he for real? Where did you get him from? Your post actually reminds me of the time my husband was smug when he remembered to get me an anniversary gift plus an event appropriate card close in time to our anniversary date…the super sad part was that he had no idea it was a duplicate of a painting that had been hanging on our dining room wall for a few years. And I agree, written instructions leave less room for gray. I certainly hope your husband understands what a catch he has! And you should be grateful that he already knew you did not have an iPad plugged in on the kitchen counter!


  • On May 17, 2011 at 9:30 am Jill said

    Ohhh- that’s a good one. I might “borrow” that story some day should I need material. What a perfect post for a new feature I’m working on – it’s called “My husband is dumber than yours…”
    Hope you at least liked the painting. Both times!


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