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The benefit of a margarita

Posted by on April 21, 2011 at 2:18 pm

I’m a bundle of fun, unless I’m pregnant. Then, I’m a little cranky and less enthused by many things. And I don’t have the benefit of a margarita. Last night, I had the pleasure of meeting friends for Mexican. I managed to “help” select a venue that was two blocks from my apartment (sorry, outer boroughs!), put on my prettiest maternity top – (which for me, means my top showing the least amount of cleavage and under-belly), got a babysitter and made it to the restaurant early, so I could watch my friends throw back their “starter margaritas.” Yay me! Miracle of life, virgin mojito, fun city. Wah.

In spite of my fleeting self pity, it was fun to be out. After everybody had downed their starter margaritas and moved on to wine, someone said I seemed to be looking okay (which I think means “not gruesome yet”) this pregnancy. A simpleton at receiving compliments, I’m sure I whined a little about my butt (daughter Jenn announced recently that “I think the baby is in your butt, too”), or my absurd sense of smell or my eyebrows growing faster than ever, and the only non-parent-man at the table piped up, in full rant mode:

The best pregnant look is to be pregnant. I mean, it’s not really a goal look for anyone, is it? The key is to actually BE pregnant when you look pregnant…

He continued on from there, but I kind of stopped listening, so happy was I with this little gem — thank goodness I actually am (usually)¬†pregnant when I look pregnant. (Ok– I’m totally leaving aside how excited (really!) and lucky I am to be having #3 when a bucket of people I know would be THRILLED to be in my situation, especially at (gulp) almost 41.) But my friend is right — I am pregnant and I look it and it’s temporary.

The problem will present itself the week after the baby is born and some guileless bystander asks me when I am due. Yes, that did happen to me after #2, and I was most certainly wearing my prettiest post-pregnancy top. But, of course, I probably had the benefit of a margarita at that point, so the truth didn’t sting as much.

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