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Which hand is it in?

Posted by on April 22, 2011 at 6:25 am

Of course the list is long for most parents of things thought they would never say, but today I hit one that really surprised me. (And I’m a bit worried to see the porn spam I get because of this post.)

Jake and I were playing “what hand is the _____ in? ” You know this one — child holds a coin or apple or crayon or, in our case this morning, a golden bead, behind his back in a hand and you, naive as ever, have to figure out if it’s in the left or right hand. Yes, I know the child probably moves it from right to left hand depending on which hand you select. But it seems like good left-right practice and my son was amused by it for a little while this morning.

Jake had the small bead behind his back and, in spite of my best guesses, it was in neither the left nor the right hand. Hmmmm. It had disappeared. He wasn’t wearing a shirt and I knew his jammie bottoms weren’t tight enough to hold the bead up so obviously I was a bit concerned. Of course, we all know where the golden bead was, but still, I said it.

It had better not be in your butt.

Rest assured, we had a very serious discussion once we fished it out. And the the golden bead, fortunately a plastic version, made its way into the garbage. Tomorrow if we need to kill time I might suggest “I Spy.”

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