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3rd time is definitely the charm

Posted by on March 5, 2011 at 9:43 pm

After Jenn was born three years ago, I was done. The thought of having a third baby was so crazy to me (being pregnant is a bother; newborns are a bother; gaining a million pounds is a bother; no booze is a bother, etc.) that I promptly got rid of everything, against all of my hoarder husband’s best intentions.  Breast pump? Gone to a friend in Canada. Changing table? Craig’s List freebie. Crib? Tossed because it had a drop-side and CPSC now deems it unsafe. (Though it was fine for my nephew, two nieces and my two kids.) Maternity clothes? Virtually burned the moment I returned home from the hospital because they were symbols of the fat/unpleasant/non-fit person that I generally become while pregnant.(Yes, I know that’s not a pregnancy requirement, though it seems to be how I do it.)  Infant clothes? Sent to a church in Colombia with a travelling friend. Slings and baby-wearing paraphanalia? I never figured out any of the sling-y wrappy (which is to say, fabulous, earth mother-ish) ones so they went pretty much the moment I gave up on ever using them but fortunately the Baby Bjorn (which I love) is still in my closet. Anyway, baby is allegedly arriving this summer and I have nothing, and until I go into that crazy nesting phase, I’m pretty okay with that.

We weren’t original: with Jake, the adored first — we read all the books and got everything textbook ready and we smiled calmly at the heralding trumpets. Jenn, #2, arrived with much less fanfare:   she wore his blue onesies, gazed at him while we gazed at her and and (gasp!) she was fine, if not better for it. And then we decided a third would be fun and (good gracious!) I got knocked up. Yippee. We have no crib, I have my fattest pants held together with a rubber band,  and I even ditched all the books — the What to Expects, the sleep ones, the NYC baby ones, and I’m still sure we’ll be fine. I’m old and cranky but my big kids are fired up and I have the gift of knowing how fleeting those initial months really are! (And that knowledge is helpful because I really find the first months awful.)

Don’t worry — # 3 will not suffer. I swear we’ll find a crib for him and for everybody’s benefit, I’ll find some clothes soon that show neither my crack nor the underside of my belly.  Actually, I need to find said magic garment soon because next weekend, I am lucky enough to be going to the first-ever Brooklyn Baby Expo. While I’m not a Brooklyn-er, I’m looking forward to the event as it will include product testing, demonstrations and seminars. Particularly interesting as we return to baby-ness is a seminar with the NYC Sleep Doctor on Raising a Good Sleeper. (I mentioned this seminar to the husband and he replied, “That sounds great –  I would like to sleep better.”)

I’m also excited to meet some other new and soon-to-be new parents, because let’s face it, my friends with older kids like mine don’t really want to re-visit baby gear and baby issues with me. They’re eager to hold my sleeping #3 and then will happily go home with their trim abs and barf-free shirts and sleep all night. It’s the new parents, the eager-beavers we all were before our first babies, who are the people with the energy and hope we need.  The Expo (Register at ) will also be having demos on baby food making and cloth diapering and while I failed on both of those the first times around, maybe the third time is the charm.

Ok, that wasn’t entirely true. Lamemom never once tried cloth diapers; in fact,  I cringe whenever I see them. And my baby-food making lasted about four days and my children still don’t eat my food, unless a delivery man brings it on a bicycle.

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