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“I’m going to be a party girl.”

Posted by on March 8, 2011 at 5:33 pm

At breakfast last weekend, the kids decided to share life plans with the husband and me. Jake started the conversation by asking about guns and cowboys. I gave him my best explanation on why cowboys might have guns (less True Grit and more crazy grizzly-bear-at-night) and I think that sealed the deal:  he is going to be a cowboy. Since he hails from a long line of farmers, cowboy didn’t seem too far of a stretch, except for the fact that he lives in Manhattan.

Not to be left out, his sister piped up. “And I’m going to be a party girl.” Silence. The grown-ups exchanged glances, wondering where she got the phrase “party girl.” I have to admit that I spent a moment wondering how she knew that her lamemom had been a party girl a long, long time ago and I was a little touched that she wanted to follow in my footsteps.  But she’s only three so where did she get the idea of a party girl?

The husband recovered quicker, which is unusual. He and Jenn discussed how fun it would be for her to be an engineer (he was an engineer a long, long time ago). She was excited to build “real things” like buildings and bridges and breakwalls. The husband was seeming pretty smug as he had suddenly not only talked her into going to his university back in Canada but had also virtually confirmed that she would get her masters in engineering in Texas, just as he had done.  I began to imagine my grown children:  a cowboy (with a gun) and a girl engineer, and I was proud.

And I stayed proud, even as Jenn burst the bubble. After ten minutes of engineer talk, she announced, “But I’m going to be a party girl.” Regardless of what a 3-year old’s version of a party girl is, she’s excited about it.  And presumably that’s how we end up doing up something we are good at, that makes us happy. So I hope that she’s the best party girl she can be. Maybe the next baby can be the engineer, or something similarly reliable, as not only will he be looking after his old mother, he will also need to keep track of his party girl sister and cowboy-with-gun brother. Our reunions are going to be a hoot.

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