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Ditch your spouses and kids for the weekend

Posted by on January 20, 2011 at 4:30 pm

That’s the gist of the invitation I received last week for a weekend-long reunion of sorts. I was invited with several other close (but far-away) friends to (what amounts to) a booze-up outside of San Diego. The invite is clear to point out that this weekend is not one to tour the sights (I have never been to San Diego) as we will be under house-arrest — eating, drinking and staying at a friend’s house on top of a mountain. (Wonder where her kids will be?)

The invite list is pretty short — good friends from my first few years in New York. Our lives then were simple and consistent — we went to work and then met up to drink beer, play pool and maybe eat some 4am Famous Ray’s (excepting the one friend who insists that if you go to bed hungry you wake up thin). We used pay phones and checked our home answering machines to find out the next destination, (though one friend might pull out his work cell phone that was bigger than my current laptop), and those with more money would buy the most rounds.

Do I sound nostalgic? Probably. The (real or perceived) strength in the numbers of our group left us a little bit invincible. Eventually, most of us left New York and continued with a more grown-up (?) life  Рbigger jobs, fewer hangovers, maybe a spouse and some kids.

So why revisit it? Can lamemom ditch her family for a few days and buy an expensive ticket to visit a city she’ll actually not see? Fully aware that she’ll wake up with a headache every day of the trip? Absolutely. And I can’t wait.

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