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Whistles, singing birds and diamonds

Posted by on December 16, 2010 at 10:51 am

The kids made their Christmas lists for Santa yesterday morning.  A little late, I pointed out, because I knew Santa had probably completed his shopping for the season, but they would not be deterred. Jake carefully wrote his items on the list, while his little sister had me carefully write everything from his list on hers. Since I knew what Santa had been shopping for, I tried to direct their lists. Of course, this was unsuccessful.

Jake:  How do you spell whistle?

In my head:  As if I would ever ever get you a whistle. The neighbors will love that.

And out loud:  How about some games? Would you like Santa to bring some new games?

Jake:  How do you spell singing bird?

In my head:  Right, like I’m going to get you a bird. Remember what happened to the fish? You think the dog isn’t going to eat your bird?

And out loud:  A live bird? Another pet sounds like a lot of work.

Jake:  (like I’m a moron), No a fake one. It can sit on my shoulder and sing.

In my head:  You’ll either be cool or get beat up in kindergarten with this singing bird on your shoulder.

And out loud: How about a new, fast sled?

Jake:  (again, like I’m a moron), We already have sleds. They’re in the closet.

Ultimately, there is one more trip to Target in my future and the lesson learned by lamemom in this exercise is obvious — don’t shop early. (Of course, I expect that many don’t consider mid-December to be shopping early.) His list, and that of his sister, included an Ipod and a computer. I can’t choose which electronic device the 3 and 5-year olds should have, so I might just go with the sled.

He renewed my interest in his list, however, when he returned to it this morning

Jake:  How do you spell jewelry? I want some jewelry.

Puzzled, I ask:  Jewelry? What kind?

Jake:   Maybe just diamonds. How do you spell diamonds?

Me:  D-i-a-m-0-n-d-s

Maybe Jake can help his father with his shopping. Diamonds sound like much more fun than the travel coffee mug that I requested.

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