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Pretty in pink

Posted by on December 7, 2010 at 11:05 am

Rumor has it that Santa is going to be bringing some kayaks for Jake and Jenn this year.  (No, definitely not for city use.) Because I’m helpful, I was searching online for said kayaks, finally finding them at one of the sports stores.  They are plastic and come in three colors: pink, blue and yellow. Almost without thinking, I picked a pink (because that’s Jenn’s favorite color) and a blue for Jake. Blue because I needed a second color; Jake likes blue (but loves pink) and I don’t like yellow.

Not surprisingly, I got distracted and never completed the order. Riding to work with my husband the next day, I mentioned the kayaks. Incredulously, he asked why we wouldn’t order two of the same color so they won’t fight over them, especially since they would both want the pink one.  I didn’t actually have a good answer for that, though I usually have (in my head) a reason for everything. Good idea, I agreed.

Of course, then we need two pink kayaks.  I worry that some of the bigger kids might make fun of Jake for having a pink kayak, even though that is the one he will want desperately. But kids will tease regardless of the situation and I guess all we can do it be ready for it and rise above, because in the end, it doesn’t really matter. So Santa will be bringing pink for everybody. Jake gets pink because he likes it and I like it and who cares who teases him. Maybe we’ll get him some lessons, too, so he’s fast. Then the other kids will all be trying to keep up with the pink kayak.

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