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Beginning of Advent, one day late

Posted by on December 2, 2010 at 7:33 pm

Though I’m not feeling particularly holiday-ish, the season is apparently in full swing. We celebrate Christmas, but the kids learn about all the holidays at school:  last night Jake explained to me the significance of the candles on the menorah in our apartment building lobby. I’m not sure how accurate he was but I’m glad for his interest. (Pretty sure I wouldn’t have known a menorah if it fell on my head when I was five years old. )

When my sister was here last week she brought Advent calendars for each of the kids, the ones with little chocolates behind each door. Just like the two I have in the “Christmas Box” shoved under my bed, still full of candy, from last year. I think she gave us those, too.  (She is the opposite of a lamemom.)

Though we disregarded Advent last year, this year the kids are very excited about opening the doors on each day. We forgot to open any doors yesterday, the first day, but at 6:05 this morning Jake realized it was Thursday and that we had missed the first day, Wednesday.   I was able to put him off (as I was still in bed) by reminding him that we open calendar doors after school, not before.

But as the day gets closer to 3:10, Jake’s dismissal time, lamemom is approaching panic.  Not only have I not yet purchased the chocolate replacement candy for my non-chocolate eating son (I think a Starburst Advent calendar would be a great product.), I can’t find where I put the actual calendars. The apartment isn’t that big so I must have put them in a very clever place.

So what to do?  My plan B:  turn the searching for the calendars into part of the game– Jake and Jenn can help me root around in the office, which is where I most likely stashed them, and whoever finds them first gets a prize. Though I probably hid them somewhere high and the kids are still little people, so that might not work. Which brings me to plan C, which I expect I’ll end up resorting to:  dig around under my bed and dust off last year’s Advent calendars. How bad can the chocolate be after just a year? Bad enough that a 3-year old won’t eat it? I doubt it. And the 5-year old is having Starburst, or maybe a gummy vitamin in a pinch if I can’t get to the deli before he gets home. Necessity truly is the mother of invention.

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